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Team Challenge
 Pamela Jane Nye's
Thank a Nurse Team Challenge is a unique and timely opportunity for our world's caring people to come together, create and present a unique, meaningful, infinitely lasting "thank you" gift to honor the world's 20+ million heroic nurse responders -- thousands of whom who died while battling Covid-19 and its virus mutations..
   THE NURSES WALL, built with your "thank you" message postings, not only preserves the positive things Thank a Nurse Team Challenge represents, it provides permanent benefits from which the world's nursing community can infinitely enjoy and benefit.
    For nurses, THE NURSES WALL (their WALL) is a virtual place to be visited -- anytime, from any place, any where.  It's open 24/7 and without date, time or number of visit restrictions. And admission is free!  
    THE NURSES WALL's real benefit, however, is someplace where nurses can find calm, inspiration,  encouragement, and be reminded of their importance and appreciation.  It's also a place where nurses can see who and from where these thoughtful, message-posting people are from.
To Become a Challenge Team
​Email chuckfoster@operationscrubs.org or 
call 800.627.6156 x802
  • View below video then Accept-the-Challenge page for more details.
  • Time commitment:  Send one, maybe two social media messages!
  • 1st Message on Dec.1st:  After we create your Team Challenge website page, you use our form to invite your social media contacts to join your Challenge Team and post their nurse-thanking message on THE NURSES WALL. Your message will have a link and website address for message posting details.
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  • 2nd Message:  On December 15th, send a reminder message to your social media contacts to sign-up if they haven't, and post their message.
 👀 It's free. Takes little time. And you're thanking a nurse.        Why would anyone say no? Seriously! -- Pamela Jane Nye​

Interested?  Click the "Accept-the-Challenge" link on the menu bar above or log on to https://thenurseswall.org